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Income Tax and TDS with Online Returns (2 months)

Course : Short Term Courses

Income Tax: 1.5 Months

Concept, Heads of Income: Salaries, House Property, PGBP, Capital Gains & Other Sources, Clubbing of Income, Set Off Losses, Rates of Income Tax, Computation of Income Tax; Online Process: PAN & TAN Application, Online Tax Payment, Income Tax Returns, through Govt. of India Software, Taxmann Software

Advantage: Practical knowledge of Income Tax opens new career avenues for e-Accountants.

Tax Deducted at Source [TDS]: 0.5 Month

Law: TDS Law under Income Tax, Accounting Treatment of Transactions having TDS, Computation of TDS.

Practical Work: Online Payment of TDS, Quarterly Online TDS Returns using Govt. of India Software, Downloading TDS Certificate from TRACES Website

 Advantage:  Practical knowledge of TDS is  very important for a successful e-Accountant because a large number of business transactions involve TDS.