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Financial Accounting with TDS

Course : E-Accountant (12 months)

Financial Accounting

Fundamentals: Accounting Concepts, Revenue Recognition, Golden Rules of Accounts, Journal, Ledgers [Practical], Cash Book [Practical], Depreciation Chart [Practical with Fixed Asset Register], Bank Reconciliation Statement [Practical], Adjustment Entries, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet.


Advance: Consignment, Hire-Purchase, Partnership, Valuation of Inventories [As2], Property, Plant & Equipment [AS10]


Tax Deducted at Source

Law: TDS Law under Income Tax, Accounting Treatment of Transactions having TDS, Computation of TDS.

Practical Work: Online Payment of TDS, Quarterly Online TDS Returns using Govt. of India Software, Downloading TDS Certificate from TRACES Website

Advantage: Practical application of accounting concepts and standards in day to day accounting is the launching pad to reach the sky of success. Practical knowledge of TDS is also very important for a successful e-Accountant because TDS applies on lot of business transactions.