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Taxation with Online Returns (6 months)

Course : Short Term Courses

Taxation: 4 Months


Goods & Services Tax [GST]: 2 Months

Law: Concept of CGST, SGST, IGST & Compensation Cess, Basis of Charge, Registration [GSTIN], Rate of GCGST, SGST, IGST & Cess, Input Tax Credit, Composition Levy, Valuation, Place of Supply, Reverse Charge, TDS under GST, Computation & Payment of CGST, SGST, IGST & Cess, Interest & Penalties.

Practical Work: GST Registration, Recording Transactions in Tally Prime, Online Returns using Govt. of India Software, Tally Prime Software.

Live Project: Live Project consists of more than 200 Vouchers of different kinds of Purchases, Sales, Receipts, Payments, Expenses, Incomes, Tax Payment Challans, Adjustment etc. of a business. Students have to identify the nature of Vouchers, Record the Transactions in Tally Prime and Prepare the Profit & Loss Account and the Balance Sheet.


Advantage: Knowledge of GST is the gateway of success today. Become GST Practitioner to shape your career. Live project with over 200 transactions gives enormous field practice to the future e-Accountants.


Tax Deducted at Source [TDS]: 0.5 Month

Law: TDS Law under Income Tax, Accounting Treatment of Transactions having TDS, Computation of TDS.

Practical Work: Online Payment of TDS, Quarterly Online TDS Returns using Govt. of India Software, Downloading TDS Certificate from TRACES Website


Advantage: Practical application of accounting concepts and standards in day to day accounting is the launching pad to reach the sky of success. Practical knowledge of TDS is also very important for a successful e-Accountant.


Income Tax: 1.25 Months

Concept, Heads of Income: Salaries, House Property, PGBP, Capital Gains & Other Sources, Clubbing of Income, Set Off Losses, Rates of Income Tax, Computation of Income Tax; Online Process: PAN & TAN Application, Online Tax Payment, Income Tax Returns, through Govt. of India Software, Taxmann Software

Advantage: Practical knowledge of Income Tax opens new career avenues for e-Accountants.


Customs Duty: 0.25 Month

Concept, Rate/Tariff of Duty, Duty Drawback, FOB Price/CIF Price/Ex-Works Price, Computation & Payment of Duty through ICEGATE, Transactions in Tally Prime

Advantage: Customs Duty skills are highly beneficial for e-Accountants dealing with imports and exports.