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Course : Advance Diploma in Graphic & Web Designing(ADGWD)

 DTP (Desktop Publishing)


CorelDraw : Introduction to the Interface, Creating Artistics Shapes, Logo Designing, Business Card, Letter Head, Banner, Magazine Ads, Posters, Newspaper Insertion, Hoarding Design, Vector & Raster Images, Working with Tools, Working with Text, Special Effects- Envelopes, Distortion, Blends, Lens, Bevels, Power Clips etc., Creating Illusion of 3D objects.


Photoshop : Photoshop Workspace, Picture Manipulation Techniques, Layers, Working with Selections, Correcting and enhancing Digital Photgraphs, Mask, Filters, Special Effects, Image resolution, Image canvas size, Repairing image defects, Retouching, images, Removing image areas, Painting, Using filters.


Illustrator: Introduction, Constructing Basic Shapes & Drawing , Type Manipulation, Creating Shape with Pathfinders, Layers, Transforming objects, Selecting and Aligning Techniques, Working with Brushes, Applying Effects, Blending Colors and Shape, Modifying and replacing symbol , Instances, Using the Symbol Sprayer tool.


Project Work (GFX Portfolio)