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Web Development

Course : Advance Diploma in Graphic & Web Designing(ADGWD)

Web Development
jQuery : Introduction, Syntax, Selectors, jQuery Events (Hide/ Show, Fade, Slide, Animate, Stop(), Call back, Chaining) jQuery Events (click, dbclick, mouseenter, mouseleave , keypress, keydown, keyup, submit, change , focus, blur, load , resize, scroll, upload)

WordPress : WordPress Installation, Make a website in WordPress, Posts in WordPress, Media in WordPress, Adding Links in WordPress, Pages in WordPress, Comments, Appearance, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Users, WordPress Tools, WordPress Setting, WordPress Theme Overview.

JavaScript : Introduction, Using Strict Mode, Variables, Data Type, JavaScript, Operators, Types of Errors, Controlling Flow, Conditional Constructs, Looping, Branching Statements, Array, Working with Strings, Functions, Using JavaScript in the Browser, Browser object Model, Introduction to the Documents Objects Model(DOM), Events Handling in JavaScript, working with Forms, Form Validation, Working with JavaScript Object and JSON.