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C++ and Data Structure (5 Months)

Course : Short Term Courses

C ++ and Data Structure Duration : 5 Months

Introduction to 'C++' Language(Variables, Data Type, Operators, Constants,)

Conditional Statements and Loops: Decision making within a program, Conditions, if statement, if-else statement, Loops: While, For, Do While, Switch Statement .

Array : One dimensional Arrays, Array manipulation; Searching, Insertion, Deletion; Finding the Largest/Smallest element in an array; Two dimensional arrays, Addition/Multiplication, Transpose.

Functions : Prototype of a function : Formal Parameter list, Return Type, Call by value, Call by Reference, Recursive Functions.

OOPs : Concept of OOPs - Data Hiding, Data Encapsulation, Class and Object, Abstract class, Polymorphism, Inheritance.

Function Overloading : Declaration and Definition, Need for Function  Overloading.

Classes & Objects : Introduction, Need and Declaration of Classes.

Constructors & Destructors : Default , Parameterized and copy Constructor.

Inheritance : Introduction, Different Forms of Inheritance.

Pointers : Pointer type declaration , Pointer initialization etc.

File Processing : Concepts of Files, File Opening in various modes.

Data Structure : Algorithms, Concepts of Data Structure, Arrays, Lists, Stack Queue, Trees, Graphs, Sorting Techniques, Searching Techniques, Tables.