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Web Designing with Advanced CSS

Course : Advance Diploma in Graphic & Web Designing(ADGWD)

Web Designing
HTML :Introduction , Elements, Tags, Attributes, HTML- Lists (Unordered Lists, Ordered List, Definition List), HTML- Images , Image Mapping, HTML- Hyperlinks, HTML- Table, HTML-Iframe,
HTML-Form, HTML-Headers
CSS : Introduction , Style Sheets, Configuring Fonts, Configuring Text, Background, CSS Box Model, CSS Border, CSS Outline , Display and Visibility, Positioning, CSS Float and Clear,Working with Lists, How to active your hyperlinks styles, CSS Forms, CSS Dropdowns. 

Advanced CSS

CSS Rounded Corners, CSS Border Image, CSS Transitions, CSS Animations, CSS Buttons, CSS Box Sizing, CSS Gradients, CSS Colors, CSS Backgrounds, CSS Shodows, CSS Text Effexts, CSS 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms.
Bootstrap: Bootstrap Grid System( Grid Classes, Basic, Structure of Bootstrap Grid), Typography, Tables(Basic, Stripped Rows Bordered Table, Hovers Rows, Contextual Classes, Responsive Tables), Images(Images Shapes, Responsive Images, Images Gallery), Jumbotron, Alerts, Button, Button Groups, Glyphicon, Progress Bar(Basic, Animated, Striped, Stacked), Pagination (Breadcrumbs, Pages), Panels, Dropdown, Collapse, Navbar Forms, Carousel, Modal, Scrollspy, Filters.